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Change the Look of Any Room in Five Simple Steps

Looking for a change, but don’t have a lot to spend on new furnishing and decorations? These five tips will help give your home a fresh look without breaking your budget.

1. Move things around. Swap out furniture from another room for a new look. Try using some pieces in unusual ways. For example, a dresser can look great in a living room or an entry hallway and is a great way to add storage.

2. Add another layer. An extra layer of curtains can add interest and color to a room. You can tie back the layer on top to still allow the inside curtains to show. On top of a table or storage piece, place a small tablecloth or placemat to brighten the area. Add fringe or trim to pillows, curtains, or lamps for a new look.

3. Replace the little things. Change out the hardware on dressers or cabinets to give your pieces a new look. You can also add or change a throw rug and throw pillows. Get a new vase and add some seasonal flowers. Replace the pictures in your picture frames with new ones.

4. Visually expand your space. Move furniture around to make better use of your space. Add a mirror or two to expand your room visually. If your rooms feel too small, store some items temporarily to remove clutter and open up your spaces.

5. Add something new. If your budget doesn’t allow for a new sofa or table, find a cheaper alternative. Shop thrift stores or antique stores. Let friends know that you will take and renovate their discards. Get a slipcover instead of a new sofa or simply refinish or paint your existing furniture for a whole new look.

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